Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keep Your Password Safe With 1Password App

Nowadays we daily visit so many different websites and we have to remember so many passwords for different sites, so there might be a chance to forget some passwords. Everybody is in need of such kind of app that stores passwords so that they could easily be entered into Web forms. 1Password securely stores your important information and logs you into web sites automatically with a single tap. No need to remember the username, password or even the website address. Your data is protected using the same state-of-the-art encryption algorithm used as a national standard in the United States.

1Password by Agile Web Solutions, is an application for Mac OS X that stores passwords and Web forms in a the Apple keychain and is easily accessible from a little button that’s installed in the toolbar of your Web browser. Once you unlock it with a master password, you can automatically populate Web forms, credit card information and login screens with a single click. It’s a truly must-have application in today’s world of a million passwords and logins for everything.

Once you set up an Access Code and Master Password you simply add logins for the various sites that you access from your iPhone. Once entered (or synced) simply click on the arrow beside the URL to open the site in a browser and 1Password automatically enters your login credentials.

1Password has two levels of protection, less important logins (like forums, Web logins, etc.) can protected by a simple four digit Access Code which is easy to enter. More important logins (online banking, etc.) can be protected by a longer and more secure Master Password.

1Password doesn’t just save your password, it also allows you to load up the website and have it place the username and password into the required fields. It’s a really handy app for someone who does a lot of web surfing from their iPhone. Just make sure you remember your master password or all the work you’ve put into it will be wasted.

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