Monday, July 20, 2009

Pizza Hut’s iPhone App - Order Pizza on Your iPhone

Pizza Hut, one of the most popular American restaurants and international franchise, has now created its own iPhone application as a web ordering system for its customers. Moving on from the ordering methods like text message, web site ordering, mobile web site ordering and Facebook ordering system, the idea of a Pizza Hut iPhone app has been adapted.
It provides the user with a simple and fun interface to work with. You can order by scrolling through crust and topping options, pinching and stretching the pizza to alter the size, tapping the wing style and sauces you want, shaking your iPhone to sauce up your wings and also a virtual fridge to keep your coupons and hot deals.

You can also get the location of a pizza hut near you for FREE!

It might be a nice thing to have for kids, especially since the app includes a tilt game called “Hut Racer” to keep you entertained while you wait for the order, just tilt the iPhone to control the way your car will avoid the obstacles on the road and reach its destination within the best time possible. Altogether, the app seems to be well-thought out, well-designed, and simple enough for anyone to use.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Apple New Release iPhone OS 3.1 beta 2 - Keeps Developers Happy

A cheery news for iPhone developers that will definitely make them more buoyant. Apple has posted new, beta 2 versions of the iPhone OS 3.1 firmware and the iPhone SDK 3.1 for developers exactly after two weeks of its initial release of iPhone OS 3.0’s. They can download the latest 3.1 beta from the Apple’s iPhone Developer Center.

The OS 3.1 is available for all versions of the iPod Touch and the iPhone, while the SDK 3.1 is available in versions that are compatible with Leopard and Snow Leopard. It finally allows them to work on their projects over a Wi-Fi connection.

The feature is “huge for developers.” It is primarily geared at those who need to attach something to their iPhone or iPod touch via USB, so freeing up the USB port during the development process goes a long way in that regard. It’s also undoubtedly slightly less of a pain to be able to use WiFi, though Apple warns that USB is still preferred because it is faster and draws less power from the device than using WiFi. Other changes in the beta 2 include a handful of bug fixes to both Xcode and various parts of the iPhone software.

The new SDK will allow developers to connect their iPhones to a Mac running Xcode over Wi-Fi using Instruments for debugging. This is useful whenever the dock connector needs to be used for something else, like testing out tethering or development for hardware add-ons like the Tom Tom navigation add on. Apparently the iPhone Tethering hack no longer works in the iPhone OS 3.1 Beta 2, so it looks like Apple has closed the door on that one.

With the ability to hook up iPhone to other hardware devices, Apple is adamant to make things easier for developers.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PhotoForge for iPhones

People that have a passion for photography have dreamed of having on them a mini photolab to allow them perform the art of editing; GhostBird Software did it brilliantly with the new application PhotoForge for iPhones. It is an image-editing app that enables the user to manipulate and retouch image,add effects, and color correction, as well as a painter’s tool. It is indispensable for creating original artwork, or editing photos on your mobile device.

Starting PhotoForge app you have the options of selecting what is there you want to do: to start with a blank page, to open a photo that you already have or to take a picture with your iPhone’s camera. Automatically seven icons appear on top of the screen that represent the tools that you need to: Zoom (that enables you to see down to the finest detail), Brush, Eraser (which lets you erase everything but the original photograph), Paint Bucket (allows you fill the page with any color), Eye Dropper, Smudge and Clone Stamp (enables you to select a part of the image which can be used wherever you want to paint, duplicating it). At the bottom of the screen there are other several options for selecting the color, transparency, the type and size of brush (8 different brushes from hard to soft), to adjust curves, undo and redo and select effects and filters.

Curves option is the possibility to create your own filters, adjusting the curves for RBG, CMYK, and CIE lab. This option influences everything that has to do with editing a image, including color, saturation, brightness, contrast and more. Filters option has 13 adjustments among which Noise reduction, exposure, Blur, Simulated HDRI, Hue/Saturation. There are present another 15 Filters to include Dreamy, Sepia, Black and White, Watercolor, Neon, Television and other more.

PhotoForge gives you unlimited undo and redo actions so that you don’t have to worry in case you make some mistakes. Even when you receive a phonecall the application is interrupted for when you finish your talking to be able to continue from where you have left it. This editing possibility is comprised in an elegant and intuitive interface enabling you to navigate in a simple way among the multiple options. Tapping the screen PhotoForge’s interface disappears and you are left facing the full screen of the canvas. The way in which everything is at your fingertips reveals a good performance on behalf of GhostBird Software.

Finishing your editing or creating the application allows you to save up to four different output sizes: 640×480, 800×600, 1,024×768, and 1,600×1,200. PhotoForge appears itself to be the Photoshop that you have accessible at home on your PC only in a mobile and smaller size. Not to mention that easy-to-use application provides some editing tools that one hasn’t previously seen on a mobile device. So it would be no overreacting on our behalf to say that PhotoForge application reveals itself as being one the most powerful app of its sort that exists in the App Store and it proves to be a must for the artistic creators or any other person interested in image editing. One last thing PhotoForge is compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch that runs iPhone 2.2 software update.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Showtimes - Best Movie App

Showtimes is a full featured movie theater app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a must have for all movie lovers, and best of all it’s free. This app has a smooth interface that makes it really easy to navigate through all of the information that it offers. When you’re out and about without your computer to refer to, checking out what’s in the theaters ought to be as easy as tapping your iPhone’s screen. Avantar’s Showtimes was designed to give you all the information about the movies currently playing in your area. Showtimes recognizes where you are and shows you results of the movie theaters nearest to you, movie listings, and show times. All of that with a single tap of your finger.

The app is broken down into five different tabs. Those tabs are Theaters, Popular, Rating, Newest, and Upcoming. Each page is simply a different method of sorting all the information that this app offers. Showtimes will default to opening on theaters and will usually ask you for your location. If you would like to change your location, whether having it locate you directly or enter it in manually, all you need to do is press the little locate symbol near the top of the page and change the information to what you like. You can shift from day to day at the top of the page for each category, giving you the ability to view more than just one days worth.

In the theater tab you will be able to see the closest theater to the location you have entered. If you would like to look at other theaters, you can actually close that specific drop down and view all the other locations. Within the drop down you will see information such as the movie name, a star rating, the MPAA rating, movie duration, and show times. When you select a specific movie you will be brought to its profile page which includes the movie name, MPAA rating, release date, duration, genre, cast listing, a small blurb about the movie, a trailer, and links to MetaCritic, RottenTomatoes, and IMDb.

All of the information that this app offers loads up directly within the app itself which another thing that sets this app out from the rest. Even after watching a trailer you are brought back to the app instantly. If you would like to view the link in the Safari browser, the app offers that feature as well. The only thing missing in this app is that it doesn’t allow you to purchase tickets online for a movie you decide to see. Regardless, this is a top notch movie app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Since it’s free, Showtimes is a good value, however, allowing you to purchase tickets would really polish this app and help set it apart from the other movie apps that are available on iTunes. Overall it is a very user-friendly app that rightly deserves a spot on your iPhone or iPod touch.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keep Your Password Safe With 1Password App

Nowadays we daily visit so many different websites and we have to remember so many passwords for different sites, so there might be a chance to forget some passwords. Everybody is in need of such kind of app that stores passwords so that they could easily be entered into Web forms. 1Password securely stores your important information and logs you into web sites automatically with a single tap. No need to remember the username, password or even the website address. Your data is protected using the same state-of-the-art encryption algorithm used as a national standard in the United States.

1Password by Agile Web Solutions, is an application for Mac OS X that stores passwords and Web forms in a the Apple keychain and is easily accessible from a little button that’s installed in the toolbar of your Web browser. Once you unlock it with a master password, you can automatically populate Web forms, credit card information and login screens with a single click. It’s a truly must-have application in today’s world of a million passwords and logins for everything.

Once you set up an Access Code and Master Password you simply add logins for the various sites that you access from your iPhone. Once entered (or synced) simply click on the arrow beside the URL to open the site in a browser and 1Password automatically enters your login credentials.

1Password has two levels of protection, less important logins (like forums, Web logins, etc.) can protected by a simple four digit Access Code which is easy to enter. More important logins (online banking, etc.) can be protected by a longer and more secure Master Password.

1Password doesn’t just save your password, it also allows you to load up the website and have it place the username and password into the required fields. It’s a really handy app for someone who does a lot of web surfing from their iPhone. Just make sure you remember your master password or all the work you’ve put into it will be wasted.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Head up to become a good iPhone developer – few tips

For a brand new iPhone developer, the prospect of iPhone programming may come across as both exciting and intimidating. Here are a few very helpful tips for the beginners who are considering developing their own iPhone web application and thus joining the expansive bandwagon of iPhone developers.
  • Speaking out of experience and prudence, it is not a good idea to start your programming expedition with the interface builder. The interface builder does not let you understand the process thoroughly and cripple you somewhere as a talented developer of the future iPhone web apps. Take your own time to understand the Model, View, Controller (MVC) design pattern before you start.
  • You should make generous use of right click when browsing through documentation in Xcode. It will help you learn a lot about things you need to have better conceptual knowledge of. For example, say you are looking for information on UIViewController, simply right click on the text and initiate a search for the relevant API entry. It’s that simple.
  • You are suggested to strengthen your basics in programming for iPhones by reading books on Objective-C and a good guide on iPhone application programming, respectively. It is an important foundation to learn to use properties, methods, know how to launch Google Maps app and allocate/ de-allocate objects in memory using Objective-C.
  • You can look up answers to any of your questions over Google and find excellent sites dedicated to finding such answers.
  • Not to mention, iTunes U has effective lectures on programming for iPhones. You can make use of them before you actually start on your own.
  • When you program using Xcode, it is likely that your application may crash a few times. While Apple does not impart much information on these crashes, but if you really wish to learn from your mistakes, select executables in Xcode (which is something round and blue at the top), choose arguments and enable NSZombie using NSZombieEnabled = YES. The log will have more information for you to thrive upon.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Advanced iPhone Development


Let's delve into advanced iPhone development tips and techniques that go beyond the basics of my first iPhone development article.

Once you've decided to ensure your content is accessible via iPhone (and thus the iPod Touch) you'll need to contemplate the different ways this can be done. Essentially there are 3 different levels of iPhone support to which you could aspire:
  • Compatible: Test an existing web site on the iPhone and make any minor tweaks necessary for basic display.
  • Optimized: Create an alternate user interface (for some or all of an existing web site) that has been created with the iPhone in mind.
  • Application: Create a new web application intended specifically for iPhone users.
Each level is more challenging to implement than the one before, and each provides a better iPhone user experience than the one before. Let's delve into each level in more detail.


If you have an existing web site, you might first decide to ensure it is simply iPhone compatible. This is generally an easy bar to reach since most web sites developed using modern web development techniques and standards (such as HTML 4.0.1 and XHTML 1.0) are already iPhone compatible. The iPhone with its built-in Safari web browser is clearly the best handheld web surfing device ever created. Users can easily zoom in & out, and scroll around intuitively to view virtually every web site on the Internet.

To ensure your site is iPhone compatible, obviously you'll need to test it with an iPhone - or at least an iPhone simulator.

Some issues you may run into are the iPhone's lack of support for plug-ins such as Flash, ActiveX controls, and Silverlight. The iPhone also has only limited support for various file types. Aside from the supported image file types (GIF, PNG, JPG, & TIFF) the iPhone supports the display of only QuickTime, PDF, Text, Excel, and Word files. (Word and Excel files are automatically converted to HTML for display.) The old fashioned WAP/WML cell phone standard is not supported (or needed) on the iPhone.

Once you've ensured your pre-existing web site is iPhone compatible, you might choose to take the extra step of optimizing some of all of its content for improved display on the iPhone.


While users can view large web pages by zooming & scrolling, it's preferable to display content to iPhone users in ways that do not require them to do so. To accomplish this goal you may want to design user interfaces that fit nicely within the iPhone's native resolution of 320x480.

Sites optimized for the iPhone often detect iPhone users (via the browser's user agent string) and apply alternate CSS or even redirect users to a completely different (iPhone optimized) version of the page.

For example, the standard home page of the popular movie site Fandango displays just fine on the iPhone, but the iPhone optimized version is even more convenient since it is sized in a way that does not require users to zoom or scroll at all. If you navigate to Fandango's home page with an iPhone you'll automatically be redirected to their iPhone optimized version of the site, as shown below:


Web Applications that have been designed specifically the iPhone typically implement cutting edge technologies such as AJAX to improve usability responsiveness. (If you plan to use Microsoft's ASP.NET AJAX development platform, you should ensure that your iPhone users have upgraded to at least version 1.1 of the iPhone firmware.)

Since such applications usually don't have to worry about being cross browser compatible, they are free to take advantage of Safari-supported CSS styles that are not yet part of the HTML standard. These webkit styles can be used to display rounded corners, shadows, and colorful buttons so that bandwidth (and memory) hogging images can be avoided.

Common user interface patterns also tend to be implemented to display standard looking lists that iPhone users will find familiar. When users select an item in the list, standard looking animations are implemented to slide content into place (often using JavaScript timers for the animation.)

Applications designed for the iPhone also tend to take advantage of the client side Canvas object to implement advanced animation techniques. The Canvas object is supported by every major browser except Internet Explorer (although a plugin is available to add Internet Explorer support.) This can be a reasonable alternative to Flash and Silverlight.

Apple has assembled a showcase of iPhone applications that were created by developers from around the world.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Scrabble - Play a Spell with iPhone

Scrabble is probably one of the best word games ever. It’s barely got any serious competition—as far as word games go, Scrabble is the game that everyone else tries to mimic, and it probably didn’t surprise anyone when it was ported to the iPhone. Thanks to a recent update by Electronic Arts, true multiplayer Scrabble is available on the iPhone & iPod Touch.Scrabble is still one of the most ingenious word games ever created.

It takes a little while to actually get to the game. When you first start up the app and pass through an animated loading screen, you’re presented with a menu. Actually, you’re presented with multiple menus. In order to start a game, first you have to hit “Play,” on the main menu, then choose a local, WiFi, or Facebook game, and then you can set up the actual table. EA Games seems to have a fondness for slow animations. Weird decisions regarding the menus are present throughout the game—selecting things take too long, “back” buttons exit pop-ups (instead of “x”’s in the right-hand corner), and the interface as a whole could use some work.

But once you finally begin, rest assured: this is Scrabble, and EA made sure to deliver the true game. Tiles are moved with your finger, and you can zoom in and scroll around the board as you’d expect. The rules are simple and are exactly the same in the iPhone incarnation as in the original board game. 2 players face off on a 15 x 15 grid, armed with a randomized allocation of 7 letters with which to form words on the board. The game automatically checks your words against its database, so there’s no need for challenges. There’s the typical deliberation, the intense concentration, and the same word-bending skills required to succeed, and there’s the same corresponding sense of victory when you place a well-played word. You can play Scrabble alone, versus a computer opponent and now against a friend over WiFi, or even online through Facebook.

There are several Scrabble game types available including classic, a game to 75, a game to 150 or an 8-round game (8 turns before the game is over) or a 12-round game - and 3 difficulty levels for each.

Scrabble has decent music, but also includes the feature to listen to your own iTunes library as you play. All your games are also easily saved so you can come back to them at a later time. For a port of a board game, Scrabble really is hard to fault. Clear, colorful visuals and high production values top off a great mobile gaming experience. The only thing missing is the table-side banter. But despite this complaint, Scrabble is a great game. Even with EA Game’s slightly awkward handling, it’s still just as fun to play as ever, and there’s no denying that the shiny graphics are nice to look at. Whether you fancy playing against yourself, the AI, a friend, or a total stranger, Scrabble will satisfy your word craving, and really, what more do you want?

Scrabble requires the 2.0 iPhone software update and is compatible with both the iPhone & iPod Touch.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Download Free iPhone Games Movies Tips

Do you want to download free Iphone games and movies? I think every Iphone user I have ever met has been head over heels in love with their Iphone, but none of them get any real value from it. If you want to get real value from your Iphone, read on!

If you've gotten over the post Christmas boredom by downloading stuff from Itunes, you probably know how expensive it can work out to be. The costs of a single download isn't much, but whoever stops there? Instead of throwing away your precious income like that, check out these tips to make sure you aren't taken to the cleaners.

Tip 1
Torrent Sites- these sites can be useful, but only if you are smart about it. Firstly though, a word of warning downloading something you don't already own from these sites is against the law you can use them to download MP3s of your current CD collection no problem, but to download anything else is unlawful. Before you do anything like that check out the laws in your area. That's not all, sites like this can be a real breeding ground for hackers/spammers, so make sure your computer is super super secure before using them.

Tip 2
Use the membership sites would you like to pay $50 and get unlimited access to every musical album you've ever wanted, or every computer game or DVD? Well here's your answer. The memberships are usually lifetime, and the downloads are very high speed and in very good condition. These sites are probably your best bet for building up a large catalog of downloads in the shortest time.

Tip 3
Avoid the scam sites. If you've spent any more than about 10 seconds on the net searching for free Iphone downloads you can't fail to have noticed the amount of websites competing for your attention. Unfortunately not all of these guys are as honest as you would hope. It's quite common to come across a site that promises the earth, only to find that there is nothing at all worthwhile there. The reason for this is that those types of sites get paid for people to click on their advertising, so it's in their interest to get as many people to visit their site as possible, regardless of whether they can actually provide any of the free downloads they claim. Not very cool, but it happens.

Hopefully these 3 tips have helped you open your eyes to the pitfalls of downloading free stuff for your Iphone.

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iPhone Enterprise Application Development - Costs and Thoughts

Apple Company has Developed iPhone Application. Also an Apple is on top to sell iPhone Application and the ten million mobile Internet devices has been sold. iPhone is the smartest phone and best and advance technology Phones. Best features included in this phone. iPhone is rapidly mobilizing thousands of internet users and its quite obvious that iPhone Applications Development is highly execution of business and consumer based applications.

iPhone and iPod touch are Stylish and attractive handsets that is the combination of the r Multi-Touch interface with powerful features, like as email and instant-messaging capability, a totally web browser featured included in iPod, and, in iPhone. iPhone mobile phone included OS Software which is the platform to run iPhone and ipod touch. Also added software of the iPhone SDK also the access iPhone and ipod touch. Developers can use the iPhone SDK to create applications and through this people can store and use on their devices.

If you want to develop iPhone applications then you must use like as Xcode, Apple’s (IDE). Xcode is most important for development iphone application because its Provides entire tools which you need to design your application. So it is very useful for the application developer and who want to create an iphone Application, For that you have to first run in your PC and then after you can develop an iPhone application.

Os Software also provides you fundamental infrastructure and default behavior that can makes it easy and possible to develop fast a functional application in a few times. Also the UIKit framework to help you to develop an iphone application Also you can customize and extend that behavior with help of hooks. With help of SDK software development kit, two types of application we can create with easily 1 is web Application and 2nd is native applications. Developers can use both tools and general frameworks for mobile development iphone.

Now a Day an iPhone application development is growing and getting more popularity among the users, because they are very satisfied to use huge technology device. Also day by day more function includes in Phone applications add more features you will get your device.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

iPhone 3GS/Mac Games Development - An Extra Mile for the Gaming Industry

Gaming industry was already popular among the fun loving masses of the world but introduction of iPhone has put up an extra gear to speed up game development for smart phones in the industry. There are millions who take pleasure in playing games on mobile phones but with the introduction of iPhone, mobile gaming has augmented rapidly in diminutive time.

In one year iPhone has developed its market at great extent; iPhone has created large masses and users of all age group. iPhone provides 3G/Mac games for its fun loving users as well as allows to use additional game applications for customized games. For iPhone games development, iPhone developers use Mac OS X operating system, as it is developed and marketed by Apple mobile company. iPhone has boosted the mobile gaming and playing significant role for the popularity of games on the mobile and other communicative devices.

Development of mobile games is the process of various technical and non technical activities which brings quality to any mobile game. Use of technology to games development should bring high performance of graphics, game sounds should be matching and overall visualization of the game should be catchy. Big factor in mobile games development is cost, arranging all the things together sometimes increase the cost of game which needs to be in high consideration by the mobile game developers. Technologies used by the mobile developers are in large variety and they are based on the nature and intensity of the games such as for the development of 2d mobile games iPhone developers use Cocos2d-iphone framework, it's a cost-effective framework as it is open source product and reduces timeline in the game development. Oolong Game Engine is productive for the development of new games and able to port existing games to iPhone & iPod and this game engine is written in C++ & Objective-C. Commonly mobile game developers use many programming languages, frameworks and technological systems such as MAC platform, Cocoa ? Objective C, AppleScript and many more.

Millions of users are using iPhone for the games instead of using their pc for the fun, as mobile gaming is easy and portable service for the users anywhere they want. For the custom iPhone game development users can hire iPhone developers very easily from any MAC game development company. iPhone 3G game development has become very common with the increasing passion of the game lovers in industry and has provided an extra mile to gaming industry.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

iPhone 3GS - The Fastest IPhone Announced

Apple launched the new iPhone 3GS on 8 June 2009 as a follow up to its popular iPhone 3G. With this Apple remains at the leading edge of smartphone innovation with the iPhone 3GS. Apple’s iPhone has transformed how the world thinks of cellphones. Phone companies and hardware-makers follows the iPhone’s touchscreen interface, easy access to the Internet, and bustling App Store. According to the Apple Hot News, “iPhone 3GS is the finest iPhone Apple has made”.

The S is for “speed”

The iPhone 3G S is a major step forward in terms of the iPhone’s technological underpinnings. Its processor runs at 600 MHz, compared to previous models’ 412MHz. It’s got 256MB of RAM, compared to 128MB in previous models. The lack of external changes belie what’s going on underneath the iPhone 3G S’s glass and plastic exterior. The iPhone’s last upgrade added a faster cellular radio and a GPS chip, but otherwise, the iPhone 3G’s internals were largely unchanged from the original iPhone.

From inside, the iPhone 3GS has been fully redesigned, with new core components (CPU, memory, integrated compass, video recorder) in different locations, no less. And together with the iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade (which makes many compelling features available to existing iPhone customers), the iPhone 3GS stands tall. After pounding on it, you will find that at the full-subsidy prices, the 3GS is a surprisingly worthy upgrade for heavy users of the phone’s Web and gaming capabilities, and for general-use apps–even if you’re only jumping from the iPhone 3G. Not only do apps open faster, they respond faster, too.

Apple claims the battery’s talk time over 3G should be about the same as with iPhone 3G (5 hours), and more than twice that (12 hours) over EDGE. For data, the company rates the battery at up to 9 hours time over Wi-Fi, and 5 hours over 3G. One pleasant battery-related addition is a new Battery Status indicator, which you enable In General/Usage. It often left one wondering aloud why earlier iterations of iPhone couldn’t do this seemingly basic task?

The iPhone 3G S boots faster than any other iPhone OS-based device, and launched every app in record time. Its Safari browser had the dramatically fastest JavaScript engine as measured by the SunSpider benchmark, and loaded Web pages dramatically faster as well. Every aspect of using the phone felt noticeably faster on the iPhone 3G S than on the iPhone 3G. Even actions that only took moments before now happen instantaneously.

The speed doesn’t stop with app launches and fast-loading Web pages, either. The iPhone 3G S supports the new OpenGL ES 2.0 standard, meaning that a slew of iPhone game apps will be able to capitalize on advanced graphics features to create higher-quality graphics than have been seen on the iPhone up to now. But more important, the iPhone 3G S is just better when it comes to graphics.

The 3GS so far has generated very strong sales figures, as Apple says that it has sold more than one million 3GS models since its release on Friday. iphone is a significant improvement over the original iPhone 3G in terms of processing power, storage, memory and battery life.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Zooloretto - A High Quality Simulation of a Board Game

Zooloretto is an iPhone and iPod conversion of a very famous German zoo board game. The game created by SpinBottle Games and published by Chillingo, was released on Jun 15, 2009. The highly enjoyable game has already become very famous and has got good rating from its users. The app comes for $4.99 and takes 9.7 MB of file size.

This high quality game can be played with your computer opponents or friends although sharing a single iPhone. The goal of the game is to make your Zoo thrive before your opponents do. In this game you have to balance zoo animals of varying sizes , all while trying to bring maximum visitors. Like the board game there are eight species of animals in the game all shown in most attractive colors. Playing it in turns makes it even more interesting when you can keep a strategy rolling over time. The game keeps you involved maintaining a tricky balance of attack versus defense.

While the very idea of building a zoo choosing colourful wild animals making different noises might sound a bit kiddish, but the game itself offers enough strategy and tactics for it to be a worthwhile challenge.

Zooloretto is a family game that keeps you involved in its small strategies. The game looks pretty simple to start with, but keeps getting more and more complex as you go along. The app runs really smoothly and is a highly polished game. Overall its an entertaining and very stylised, game that keeps you absorbed in it.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

iPhone - How To Set Up Your Voice Mail on the iPhone

Have you just bought a new iPhone and are having a hard time getting the voice mail set up? You may have spent hours on the phone with customer service and gotten nowhere. Here, you will find the help you need to get your voice mail set up easily.

The first thing is not to put the SIM card from your old phone into your iPhone. Everything else will work but you voice mail and visual mail will likely not work. If you go to an AT&T store, you can get a new SIM put in your phone and help with getting everything from your old SIM card transferred to it.

Now you are ready for the next step. Call customer service at AT&T (the exclusive iPhone service provider in the US) and tell the representative that you need to setup voice mail. Be sure to tell him or her to check to make sure the forwarding feature to forward calls to your voice mail is turned on. This is something that is often overlooked by customer service representatives. Once this is done, you are ready to actually setup voice mail.

Before you begin, it is a good idea to know what password you want to use. Might write down what you want to record as your outgoing message, too. Doing this will save time and make the process to setup voice mail go smoother.

Your password should be between 6 and 15 characters. Make sure it is something you can remember but others will find impossible to guess. Now you tap the voice mail icon on your iPhone. You will be asked to create a password at this point. Enter the password you have created and then you will be asked to record a greeting. You will have the option of using a default iPhone voice mail greeting that will include your phone number or you can record your own. You can change your greeting at any time by tapping voice mail, greeting, custom and then record. Do not forget to save your greeting once you are satisfied with it.

Students at Penn state who subscribe to Penn iPhone can log in to My iPhone and setup voice mail for their iPhones. PennKey authentication will be required. Once on the home page, look for Features and Voice Mail and go to that page. Here, you will put in the password you have created. You can change this password at any time by logging in on My iPhone or through the voice mail icon on your phone. After you have entered your password, re-enter it is the field, Confirm Password. After up press the submit button, your account will be updated to include it.

To record your greeting, press the 'messages' button, it will be to the right of the keypad. Press '0' to bring up the mailbox options. From there, you will be prompted to choose the type of greeting you want, such as busy, unavailable and name. Then you will get a prompt from the system to record your greeting. When you are finished, choose accept, listen and, if you desire, re-record. When you are satisfied with your greeting, press * or # to go back to the menu or exit.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

iPhone upgrade could give you cash back

NextWorth is offering a new trade-in service for third generation iPhones providing enough trade-in cash to cover an upgrade to the new 3G S iPhone.

Some customers will not only receive enough trade in cash to purchase a new iPhone but also have money left over, says the company.

"Building upon the success of last year’s iPhone upgrade program, which allowed customers to upgrade from the first generation iPhone to the iPhone 3G for free, we are currently able to offer even higher dollar exchanges for existing iPhone users looking to upgrade to a phone two times faster and more responsive than the current model - the iPhone 3G S," says Dave Chen, CEO of NextWorth.

"Continued strong market demand for the existing devices and the AT&T subsidies associated with purchasing a new iPhone 3G S are allowing us to put more dollars than ever back in the hands of consumers and make the upgrade process easier and more compelling than ever."

Customers can receive as much as $255.50 for a 16GB iPhone 3G. With current 3G S prices starting at $199 for the 16GB 3G S, trade-in amounts will fully or nearly cover the cost of an upgrade. iPhones purchased by NextWorth in any condition will be refurbished and resold, keeping the old devices out of the waste stream, promoting recycling and reuse.

Customers can expect to receive a check, PayPal deposit, or gift card in seven to 14 days, or instantly at participating retailers such as J&R Computer World in NYC. A list of participating retailers can be found on the company's website.

NextWorth also offers trade-in services for Apple iPods and laptops, BlackBerry phones, digital cameras, GPS systems, video games and video game consoles.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Impressive Adobe AIR Apps

Adobe Systems relaunched its AIR marketplace. There are so many great apps, it’s hard to pick just a handful. But as we can’t list all of the apps here, so following is a quick review of top 10 impressive Adobe AIR aps:

  • Adobe Media Player If you’re a Photoshop, Premiere, or Dreamweaver user, the Adobe Media Player will come in handy. The app lets you watch a slew of videos that train you how to use Adobe’s applications.

  • Although there are videos for advanced users, there are quite a few videos that help Photoshop novices find their way around the sophisticated program. You can also save your favorite videos and go step-by-step during instruction. It’s a great app for anyone who wants to be creative.

  • AOL Top 100 Videos If you’re a music lover, you’ll love the AOL Top 100 Videos app. Instead of forcing you to go to YouTube to find videos or search through Google, AOL Top 100 Videos lets you watch them all right from the app. Besides having an outstanding design, the app lets you share clips with friends, create a “favorite videos” playlist, and pick the genre of music you like. The videos load quickly, and the quality is stellar.

  • Desktop iPhone Desktop iPhone is one of the coolest apps in this roundup. You can experience the iPhone user interface, check the weather, and record voice messages. But the Desktop iPhone apps best feature is the ability to make phone calls from the app with an account from online phone company Ribbit. More features, including Google Maps, Calculator, and other options haven’t been enabled.

  • DeskTube DeskTube is the one of the best YouTube AIR application. The app provides you with a full listing of all the recently featured videos on YouTube. You can search the video site, as well as see all the top videos. If you have a YouTube account, you can upload videos directly from the app instead of going to the YouTube page. The app even lets you share videos on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Finetune Desktop Finetune Desktop is a beautifully designed music player. It finds all the music on your computer and allows you to play those tracks. You can also search the Finetune library of music to find songs you might like, and you can add those tracks to a custom playlist.

  • Quakeshakes Tracking earthquakes can be difficult, but with the help of Quakeshakes, it won’t be so bad. The Quakeshakes app lets you see where earthquakes have hit around the world in the past week. You can also see where the plates boundaries around the world are, so you can determine if you’re in an area with a high potential of being affected by an earthquake. It’s a really neat app that will come in handy.

  • Remember the Task Remember the Task is the Adobe AIR app version of the popular to-do list site Remember the Milk. Remember the Task lets you quickly input tasks you need to complete. When you do that, it adds that task to your online Remember the Milk profile. You can set priority, input time estimates, and add tags to your tasks. It’s a simple app, but it’s a quick and easy way to remember all the things you need to do.

  • TweetDeck TweetDeck is the best Twitter client in this roundup. The Adobe AIR app is designed well and allows you to see your Twitter stream, replies, and direct messages. It also makes it easy to send tweets to update your status. Thanks to its URL-shortening tool, you can quickly reduce the size of a link by choosing between, TinyURL, and others. TweetDeck also provides a link to TwitPic so you can tweet pictures. The app even lets you update your Facebook status.

  • Twhirl Twhirl is another Adobe AIR app designed to provide you with access to your Twitter account. You can update your Twitter stream, view what others are saying, see your replies, and send direct messages. You can even search Twitter Search or TweetScan to see what’s going on in the social network. Twhirl alerts you to replies made to your tweets. It also sends you alerts when it receives tweets. Twhirl isn’t nearly as beautifully designed as TweetDeck, so keep that in mind when deciding between the services.

  • Wikipedia Desktop Widget This Wikipedia application isn’t going to shock you with its beauty. But it’s a quick and easy way to access the online encyclopedia. After it’s installed, you’ll find just a simple Wikipedia search box. Input your query, and the app will open the Wikipedia page for you to view. You can then search the site again or access the citations in the app.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Get Apple Latest Updates Now!

One of the new products is a refreshed model of the iPhone itself, called the iPhone 3G S. It looks the same, but offers more speed, more memory, more battery life and a few new features, including video recording and a better camera for still photos.

The second is OS 3.0, the third version of the iPhone’s operating system, which comes on the 3G S and also can be installed on all prior iPhones and Touches. It includes a much longer list of added features, some innovative and some long overdue catch-ups to other phones. These include such widely requested capabilities as cut, copy and paste; systemwide searching; a
wider virtual keyboard; and a feature called MMS that allows users to send photos and videos directly to other phones without using email.

Apple last week also made a bold business move to complement these new products. It decided to keep making the current model, the iPhone 3G, and to slash its price by 50%, to $99. That’s an unheard-of price tag for a pocket computer of this power and versatility, and gives millions of additional consumers a reason to choose the iPhone instead of a competitor.

Current iPhone owners can get an improved product by merely sticking with their existing phones and upgrading to the feature-laden new operating system, which is free (it costs $10 for iPod Touch owners), rather than shelling out at least $199 for the new iPhone 3G S. And many new iPhone buyers can opt for the $99 3G model, which is not only cheaper, but also greatly improved by the new OS 3.0.

On the other hand, power users will crave the new model’s much-better performance, battery life, storage and other features.

And some will want the new model because, unlike the current model, it’s capable of handling a new cellular network feature that, in the next few years, will offer double the current data speeds.

The new, free operating system is available for download starting June 17. The iPhone 3G S will go on sale June 19 for $199 for a version with 16 gigabytes of memory, and $299 for 32 gigabytes of memory. Those memory capacities are double the amounts offered on the previous model last year at the same prices, and far exceed the built-in memory on most competing smart phones.

These prices are for new U.S. customers on the AT&T network, plus current owners who are eligible for what AT&T calls a “standard” upgrade. If you already own an older iPhone, you could pay $200 more to upgrade, depending on how far along you are in your two-year service contract and how much you spend monthly. But AT&T, stung by criticism in recent days, has just decided to offer the lower, new-customer prices at launch to iPhone 3G owners eligible for upgrades at any time up to Sept. 30 of this year, even if they were originally told they’d have to pay the $200 premium.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

iPhone-A Multimedia Smartphone

iPhone 3G is the second generation of iPhone, a smartphone made by Apple which combines an iPod, a tablet PC, a digital camera and a cellular phone. It has the display area of 3.5-inch wide screen and has a multi-touch interface with quiet high resolution of 160 pixels per inch. It is very popular now days because of its extraordinary features. It bring into line data with a user's personal computer, using iTunes as client software and Apple's proprietary proprietary USB port.

It offers better features like:

Better email management

Contacts search

View more attachments

Scientific calculator

Not only have these, iPhone had networking features and some hidden features also. Among the networking features iPhone has following features:

Automatic detection of WiFi networks.

Support for the 802.11b and 802.11g standards.

The use of quadband GSM and SIM cards to access cellular networks.

EDGE support for high-speed data transfer where available.

Bluetooth connectivity for short range networking with peripherals, other iPhones and PCs.

And among the hidden features iPhone Developers has following features:

In the Favorites list in the Phone module, the iPhone’s equivalent of a speed-dial list, you can now have 50 entries instead of 20. In the email module, you can now automatically BCC yourself on every message you send, allowing you to get a copy without revealing to the sender that you are doing so. The iPhone can now play music through many previously incompatible car adapters and other external speakers originally designed for the iPod.

Similar to the iPod, it can be easily updated by Apple with new features and bug fixes. Due to this new software of iPhone you are notified the next time you plug your iPhone into your computer and the new stuff is downloaded into the phone automatically. 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping, support for enterprise features such as Microsoft Exchange, and the new App Store, iPhone 3G add more features. It also adds 3 products into a single one i.e — a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device with rich HTML email and a desktop-class web browser.

iPhone also has the feature ‘compass’ with which display can be rotated by merely rotating the iPhone. Every body want to know about how visitors found their website and how they interact with their site, we can now do this directly from iPhone with the help of Analytics App that is a “pocket version” of full Google Analytics account. It does everything we can do from our Google Analytics account on our computer’s browser.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

iPhone Apps Development From Concepts to Appstore!!

iPhone Software Programming is your source for qyality iphone application development. There are a ton of great social network apps on deck for you. From Facebook to developing games and icons, they have got quite the list to keep you connected with your friends. They also develop a web-connected application that connects to a server over Wi-Fi or cellular networks for paramount affability and develop applications that take advantage of the following iPhone technologies: multi-touch interface, accelerometer, GPS, proximity sensor, dialer, address book and calendar. iPhone software programming solutions is to cater the up surging demands of iPhone application development including Feature Rich iPhone Apps, Web-Safari iPhone Apps, Social Networking Apps, GPS Enabled Apps, iPhone Games Development, Accelerometer-Enabled Apps,iPhone Staffing Augmentation.

iPhone software programming successfully help their customers to increase their bottom line. Deliver best-in-class iPhone services in order to provide the best services to all so that it could reach at the top position. Capable of supporting and updating the applications in the future. Team of experts works hard to achieve targets by offering you best iPhone software programming services to meet all your objectives.

At iphonesoftwareprogramming, you can develop games which are intuitive and engaging while easy to play by employing complete features of iphone enhanced with rich graphics and audio experience. They can utilize their development expertise and deliver the innovative animated games for the iPhone 3G. If you are looking for iPhone Games Development, iPhoneSoftwareProgramming is one stop solutions including graphics designs, theme design, icon design and developing animation & audio for iPhone 3G.

Most importantly, they desire to take an extra step to complete a project to their client's satisfaction leading to a beneficial relationship. Their vision is to be a globally renowned company that delivers best iPhone software development. Team of serious iPhone software programming developers have strong experience in the software maintenance for many clients.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Catch L.A.'s Latest News & Sports Updates with iPhone Apps

For people who like to keep themselves updated with the latest happenings in news and sports from the LA.Times, then its time for them to download the new iphone apps specially meant for these purposes. It gives you a daily dose of L.A. on iphone and ipod touch.

L.A. Times News Reader - This iPhone apps provides latest news stories and information for those in and around Los Angeles taken from LATimes website and formatted for mobile reading.The screen is divided into two halfs the upper and the lower half. On the top half of the screen users can scroll through headlines by flicking left or right. The lower half consists of the browse sections. A facility has been given to quickly browse headlines, by switching to a list view using the button on the top right of the app. Apart from this it also gives the ability to view the accompanying photos by flicking to the right of the headline.

L.A. Times Sports Reader - This iPhone apps provides sports enthusiasts an intuitive, user friendly environment that highlights the top stories in sports with score updates of your favorite teams. Sports news is displayed in the same format as News Reader. To get the detailed breakdown of the sports action, users can select individual game of their choice.

The initial versions of the apps don’t currently offer online viewing for places where WiFi or wireless Internet access may not be available like on the subway or airplane. Both apps can be downloaded through iTunes or directly on the devices for free.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

iphone Games Development

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing sectors when it comes to personal entertainment.iPhone is certainly one of the top players among classic handsets. The iPhone’s outstanding capabilities such as its, 3.5 inch wide screen, touch screen feature, 3D processor , size capability (10 to 20 times larger than classic phone games) and the accelerometer makes the device outstanding. The touch screen feature allows for a different kind of interactivity and the accelerometer enables you to pilot the game horizontally or vertically.

The iPhone sets a new benchmark for an all in one integrated mobile phone and makes gaming more accessible to non-gamers or casual gamers in a very non threatening way.With Apple’s introduction of the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK), mobile games industry has taken a new turn. Every software developemnt company or game developer is now trying to make games for the device.

At iphonesoftwareprogramming, we can develop games which are intuitive and engaging while easy to play by employing complete features of iphone enhanced with rich graphics and audio experience.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wheels on the Bus - iPhone’s Eductaional App

“Wheels on the Bus is everything one could look for in a children’s application. With its great artwork, music, sound effects and interactivity, it is sure to be a great addition to any mother’s collection. Definitely pick it up!” — AppVee review: 4.4 stars out of 5.

Best iPhone Apps

Wheels on the Bus is an $0.99 application for the iphone and ipod touch. This app in available in five languages and is based on the nursery rhyme. It has instruments and recording support, turning it into a great educational tool for young children.The app was created by, with the aim of providing a great experience to children.

Resembling an interactive storybook the colors are bright and clean, and the illustrations are well thought out. Different sounds have been given to every animation giving life to it. The best thing about the app is the ability to change the music with all the extras offered. You can select different languages(English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German), and so sing along in any of the language you like. Also you are given an option to select just certain types of instruments (Violin, Cello, Piano Trio, Duet, Kazoo and Gibberish) so your child can learn about the sound it creates. You can touch, explore, and discover fun surprises in the captivating, interactive illustrations. The last feature about this app is the the ability to record your own voice.

The only reservation about the app is its music which can be a little annoying for the parents but can be switched off. Also while the music is turned off the sound effects can’t be turned on. Overall the application is a complete source of entertainment for the kids.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

What iPhone Top 20 Apps Reveals?

As Apple launched a countdown, rather count up, to 1 billion iPhone apps downloaded from the iTunes Store over the Easter weekend, the company also revealed the ‘All-Time Top Paid Apps,’ and ‘All-Time Top Free Apps.’

Games dominate the paid apps Top 20 and the iPhone and iPod touch seems to be increasingly pitched as an alternative mobile games console to rival those from Nintendo and Sony. Last week a US focused study from comScore, a market research firm that specialises in Internet-related data, found Tapulous’s free Tap Tap Revenge the most popular iTunes app, with 32 per cent of iPhone owners having installed the game.

Meanwhile the Software Development Kit (SDK) for iPhone 3.0 unveiled by Apple in March, includes new features specifically aimed at game developers. Among them App Purchase, which lets developers create additional content for apps that users can buy after they’ve made their initial purchase. Both EA Mobile and Ngmoco, two leading publishers of games for the iPhone, both showed games at the Apple event that will highlight this new feature.

While waiting for an anticipated summer launch of a new iPhone here’s the current Top 20 listed by Apple.

The Top 20 paid list is as follows:

Crash Bandicoot (£3.49)(US$5.19)
Moto Chaser (£0.59)
Virtual Pool (£0.59)
Cro-Mag Rally (£1.19)
Flick Fishing (£0.59)
Koi Pond (£0.59)
Monopoly Here & Now (£2.99)
Super Monkey Ball (£2.49)
PocketGuitar (£0.59)
iCopter (£0.59)
Pocket God (£0.59)
London Tube (£0.59)
Bejeweled 2 (£1.79)
Texas Hold’em (£2.99)
Real Football 2009 (£3.49)
Blocked (£0.59)
Fieldrunners (£1.79)
Tetris (£2.99)
iShoot (£1.19)
iFart Mobile (£0.59)

While the Top 20 free apps are:

Google Earth
Pac-Man Lite
Touch Hocket FS5
Labyrinth Lite Edition
Lightsaber Unleashed
Tap Tap Revenge
Crazy Penguin Catapult
Audi A4 Driving Challenge
eBay Mobile