Monday, July 20, 2009

Pizza Hut’s iPhone App - Order Pizza on Your iPhone

Pizza Hut, one of the most popular American restaurants and international franchise, has now created its own iPhone application as a web ordering system for its customers. Moving on from the ordering methods like text message, web site ordering, mobile web site ordering and Facebook ordering system, the idea of a Pizza Hut iPhone app has been adapted.
It provides the user with a simple and fun interface to work with. You can order by scrolling through crust and topping options, pinching and stretching the pizza to alter the size, tapping the wing style and sauces you want, shaking your iPhone to sauce up your wings and also a virtual fridge to keep your coupons and hot deals.

You can also get the location of a pizza hut near you for FREE!

It might be a nice thing to have for kids, especially since the app includes a tilt game called “Hut Racer” to keep you entertained while you wait for the order, just tilt the iPhone to control the way your car will avoid the obstacles on the road and reach its destination within the best time possible. Altogether, the app seems to be well-thought out, well-designed, and simple enough for anyone to use.

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